"Training under the direction of Winston over the past two years has brought me great joy.  He has been able to significantly increase my fitness level, nutrition program, and cycling knowledge.  My first year I rode the 2012 Hincapie Medio Fondo in 4 hours 13 minutes with several stops. Then over the next two years, we have been able to work the time down to 3 hours 17 minutes in 2013 and a top 20 finish in 2014 with a time of 2 hours 45 minutes.  Even with a busy work schedule, two kids, and a dog, Winston is able to provide me a program to keep improving." -Nick Strehle (Took over an hour off his Hincapie Gran Fondo Medio time in 2 years)


1st Rouge-Roubaix 2015

1st Tobago Cycling Classic 2014

1st Stage 1 Tobago Cycling Classic 2014
2nd US 100k 2010
3rd Tour of Virginia Prologue 2007


1st Rouge Roubaix

1st Gainesville Gran Prix omnium 

1st gainesville Gran Prix Circuit race

1st new york city omnium

1st georgia state time trial

2nd bear mountain road race

3rd gainesville gran prix road race
1st Tobago Cycling Classic
1st Tobago Cycling Classic Stage 1
1st Labor Day Omnium
1st Labor Day Omnium Circuit Race
1st Knoxville SRS Criterium
1st Huntsville SRS Road Race
1st Greenville Spring Series Omnium
1st Greenville Spring Series Conestee Park Crit
1st Greenville Spring Series Donaldson Center Road Race 2/9
2nd Stage 2 Tobago Cycling Classic
2nd River Gorge Criterium
2nd Huntsville SRS Criterium
2nd Greenville Spring Series Donaldson Center Road Race 2/16
2nd Greenville Spring Series Donaldson Center Road Race 3/2
2nd Johnson City Omnium Crit
2nd Foothills Road Race
3rd Johnson City Omnium Time Trial
3rd Johnson City Omnium Overall

1st Southeastern Regional Series Overall
1st Southeastern Regional Series Sprinter Competition
1st SRS Knoxville Road Race
1st Georgia Cycling Grand Prix Crossroads Time Trial
1st French Broad Cycling Classic Omnium
1st French Broad Time Trial
1st Tour of the Valley General Classification
1st Tour of the Valley Road Race
1st Tour of the Valley Time Trial
1st SRS Montgomery, AL Road Race 6/23
1st Brooks Road Race
1st Greenville Spring Series Donaldson Center Road Race 2/10
2nd Southeastern Regional Series KOM
2nd Brooks Circuit Race
2nd Greenville Spring Series Donaldson Center Road Race 2/24
2nd Overall Greenville Spring Series Omnium
3rd Greenville Spring Series Donaldson Center Road Race 3/3
3rd Greenville Spring Series La Bastide Road Race 2/23
3rd SRS Montgomery, AL Criterium 6/22
3rd Georgia Cycling Grand Prix Crossroads Road Race
3rd Georgia Cycling Grand Prix Oxford Hills Road Race
3rd Georgia Cycling Grand Prix Omnium

ABOUT ME : I started racing bikes at the age of 14 in 2002 and won a handful of races as a junior in Florida, including some state championships. In 2006 as a U-23 rider I raced with the USA U23 national team in Belgium. At the end of 2006 I got my upgrade to cat 1 and have been racing pro or cat 1 ever since. In 2007-2008 I raced with the Aerospace-Toshiba professional cycling team. In 2007 with Aerospace I got one of my best results 3rd place at the Tour of Virginia time trial. Later that year I got mononucleosis and in 2008 broke my elbow. Those two injuries ended my pro career for a while. I raced on amateur teams through 2014 and did a lot of races on the NRC circuit. In 2010 I got second at the US 100k Classic in Atlanta. I began coaching in March of 2012 and have helped a lot of athletes get wins and podiums in races or achieve their goals in fondo rides. In 2013 and 2014 I won 21 races including the overall in the 2013 Southeastern Regional Series and the 2013 French Broad Omnium. I got my best general classification in 2014 18th place at the Joe Martin Stage Race. In 2015 I turned professional again with the Lupus Racing Team. I won 5 more races and raced in NRC races in the us and in UCI races all over the world. in 2016 I will be racing with the lupus racing team once again.

 A big part of my coaching philosophy is being able to share my race experiences with athletes to help them achieve their race goals. My goals with coaching are to become a USACycling level 1 coach and help my athletes reach the highest fitness they possibly can.




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