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"I started working with Coach Winston in the spring of 2014. I was looking for an extra edge to get ready for the summer races in South Carolina. At the time, I was the reigning Cat 4 state road race champion so my main goal for the year was to target the same race and get enough points to upgrade to category 3. Also, my wife and I were scheduled to have our first child one month before my target race. With Coach WD's help, not only was I able to win the state road race for the second year in a row and get my upgrade, but I feel the best I have ever felt on the bike. Before working with Winston I thought I was at the peak of my fitness. Turns out I just needed someone to develop a training plan for me that balanced out well with my family life and work schedule."
-Willie Fowlkes (Husband, Dad, Engineer and Two-Time Category 4 South Carolina State Road Race Champion)